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Clash of the Titans: Williams vs White

White Vs Williams - 1080x1080.jpg

Three-times World Snooker Champion Mark Williams takes on the Whirlwind Jimmy White, the fans favourite for a night of unforgettable entertainment, they will be joined by your host and referee for the evening the voice of snooker and trick shot master John Virgo.

Come and join the UK’s favourite snooker stars as they recreate the matches that saw them rise to the top of their profession. Mark has won 3 world championships; Jimmy has never won but has been at 6 world championship finals throughout his career, who is your favourite to win?

Snooker legend and BBC commentator John Virgo is your host and referee for the evening. A night not to be missed! There will also be a Q&A, providing you with the opportunity to pose the questions you always wanted to ask.

A limited number of VIP meet and greet tickets are available to buy, so get in quick!

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