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DOLLY PARTON, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Billie Jo Spears

Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Tammy Wynette

Garth Brooks, John Denver, , Glen Campbell, Shania Twain

PLUS The Tennessee Allstars Band


The World’s biggest Country Music Touring Show is coming! With 11 Country Superstars this truly unique show is hosted by Sarah Jayne who has been performing as Dolly Parton for over 25 years and is Europe’s leading tribute to the Queen of Country - Dolly Parton. Sarah Jayne and award-winning vocal impersonator Andy Crust take us on a journey back through time meeting some of the most influential icons who shaped Country music history. . .

Each artist not only looks and sounds like the Country Star they portray, these professional performers transform themselves through hours of practice at their craft. Every detail is taken into consideration from script, choice of songs, hair, make-up and mannerisms, as well as professional costumes and props. Kenny Rogers himself named and stated on his website that Sarah Jayne and Andy Crust's Tribute To Kenny and Dolly is Europe's Leading Tribute Act. Country music will live on forever, a must see for any fans of Country Music!


The sadly recently departed Kenny Rogers flanked by the

show's Andy Crust (in his civvies ) and Sarah Jayne 


The tour supports the Dolly Parton Imagination Library Children’s Charity Dollywood Foundation Charity no. 1121917

Star of Country Superstars Sarah Jayne with Dolly Parton


The only official Dolly Parton tribute act used by Dolly worldwide on Dolly Parton's Better Day and Blue Smoke world tours

Used on USA TV Series for the "Love of Dolly"

Appeared on TV with Dolly on BBC's THE ONE SHOW

Sponsored by the Tennessee Tourist Board USA

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